Saturday, May 12, 2012

Yosemite National Park

 We stayed in Mariposa, California a quaint little village about 27 miles from the entrance to Yosemite National Park. When I made the reservation the receptionist told me that I would love the ride as it was quite beautiful. She was right. While we both took many pictures, the few following are just a small sample of the majestic scenery that nature provided. The first picture is of the Bridal Veil falls. The second picture was taken near the bottom of the falls and the spray was being carried on the breeze. It was a bit of an uphill trek to get there and it was well worth it. My clothes did get damp but dried by the time I arrived back in the parking lot.

The following picture was taken a bit down stream from the base of the falls.

 The next three pictures are just a sampling of the sights that are abundant in this spectacular national park.

The road that we used to enter the park took us through the mountains leading into the entrance. Mid way we had to wait as a one lane detour required that traffic had to be stopped to allow the other side access. The reason was that a massive slide had occurred and wiped out about 200 feet of roadway. A one lane bridge was constructed over the Merced  River and a short one lane road built to go beyond the slide and then a second one lane bridge to put us back on the main road. The forces of that slide must have been massive as we could see the twisted and mangled guard rail jutting out of the stone and gravel in several places. We both were awed by the vistas that we were exposed too.

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