Thursday, May 31, 2012

Columbia River Gorge - Vista House

  Vista House, pictured below, is located at Crown Point on the historic Columbia River Highway 30. I struck up a conversation with the volunteer docent. It was dedicated in 1918. The then governor of Oregon had a summer home nearby. As he related to me, the ladies after bouncing around in their "tin Lizzie's" needed a rest stop. He told me wait until you see the number of stalls and urinals in the bathroom. Keep in mind that at that time there were only one thousand registered cars in Oregon. There were 10 stalls and as many urinals. Carol told me the ladies room was as generous with the facilities. The lower level was done completely in beautiful white marble and was spotless.

 Two interior pictures follow. The first shows the marble and the second the dome ceiling.

Inside the gift shop there were several items from the period when Vista House was built. Carol especially liked the Indian artifact. I liked the detail on the dress.

 I took several pictures from this vantage point of the Columbia River below. These two are representative of the vistas afforded us.


While we were taking pictures, I opened the rear hatch so our "boys" could get fresh air.  Pillo is on the left and is a pure Chihuahua. Gizmo, our rescue, is on the right. The local vet says he is about 85% Yorkie. I must say they traveled well and were well behaved in all the hotels.

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