Sunday, May 06, 2012

Going West

 I originally wanted to blog daily during this trip. The temperatures have been unbelievably hot. Over a 100 degrees one day.  By the time we get bags in the room, I have been too hot and too tired to write. Our first day we stopped in Beaumont Texas. I asked the lady in the welcome center the distance between borders on I 10. It is 885 miles. The second day we stopped in Fort Stockton. Yesterday we continued through Texas. Again HOT_HOT. The picture below was taken at a rest area in Texas.

 I built my budget back when gas was rapidly rising. I budgeted $5.00/gallon and average mileage at 22 mpg. Gas has been well below budget and I was getting a little better then 22mpg. Once we passed through San Antonio the speed limit became  80 mph. I drove between 80 and 90 and my gas mileage dropped to 18.5 mpg.

On Saturday we went to White Sands National Park. We had been there before but Carol did not slide down the dunes. This time she did. Here she is gliding down the sand.

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