Friday, May 11, 2012

Mojave Desert

 Once we left Las Cruces, we drove until we reached the Arizona California border and stopped for the night in Ehrenberg, AZ. We did some shopping in Blythe, CA. for Pillo our Chihuahua. We needed a piece of chicken breast to cook so it could be mixed in with his boiled rice. Pillo has a sensitive stomach and Carol makes a batch every few days.

I had been looking at the suggested route from Ehrenberg to our next stop in Mariposa, CA. The route was taking me by the outer ring of LA. I had no desire to take this route and get into the LA traffic. I decided to take the first exit in California and drive to Needles and then head to Mariposa. I did not realize that I would be driving for over 200 miles in the Mojave Desert. The roads were in varying degrees of disrepair but the scenery was awesome. The only issue was there were no scenic overlooks to take pictures. The pictures below were taken from one of the few road side rests that we found. The first picture shows a black tar like surface that has to be natural. We had observed this material along side the expressway for several miles.

 The extra miles to avoid LA resulted in a pleasurable experience for the both of us,

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