Friday, May 25, 2012

Redwoods -Trees of Mystery

 Our waiter also suggested that we go to the Trees of Mystery, a private attraction based on the Redwood Trees. The senior price of admission was $11.00 each. It consisted of a .4 mile walk up and around a path through the forest.

Following are a few pictures taken during the walk. Following is a group called the Cathedral. This site has been a popular location for weddings and appropriate music was piped into this area.

 The size of these trees just amazed me.

 When we reached the top of the trail we hopped on a gondola car for a ride through and over the redwood forest. The views were breathtaking. Each couple had their own car as there were not many people waiting.

 Once we descended on the gondola there was a second .4 mile trail leading back to the  starting point. Along the way we saw more trees and several newsy tidbits of information.

There were also many carvings that had been created by local artisans using chain saws. By this time, I admit, I was running out of energy and did not take as many pictures of the carvings as Carol did. 

 I realize that there has been a time gap in the writings that I planned and intend to complete regarding this trip. I ran into a medical problem that way laid me for a few days. We determined it best that we slow down and rest whenever possible. I now plan to "catch up".

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