Friday, May 04, 2012

Northwest roadtrip

We managed to leave home by 8 AM yesterday May 3 RD, a major effort for us. The house was prepared for our absence. Less than ten miles from home we saw a sleek large cat like creature streak across four lanes of highway. It had a long tail and was a shade of brown. We discussed this for several miles trying to determine what we saw. Tonight I researched pictures and we are sure this was a Florida Panther. We took this as a symbol that our trip would be a good one.
We had a great dinner in Beaumont. Neither of us slept well. Beaumont is a very busy city and we were in a noisy part. Day 2 began at 8:30 AM. The day went well but was long and hot. We are staying at a motel where we have stayed before in Fort Stockton. At 5PM the temperature was 99.  Two days done and 1100 plus miles under our belt. Looking forward to taking many pictures in the days to come.

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