Thursday, May 17, 2012

Redwoods Stout Grove

 We arrived in Cresent City, California for the purpose of seeing Redwood trees. We went to the Super 8 Motel, one that I had personally called to alert them that we would need a pet friendly room. They had no record of the call and no room. They offered this horrible room and said the dogs could not be left in the room or the car on there property unattended. I found another hotel, but because of this hotel's policy I had to pay for the first night even thought I did not stay. I would not like to say that I will  avoid all Super 8's in the future but they will always be my last choice. We stayed in The Anchor Inn and were quite happy.

 I had a complete misconception about the Redwood trees. I saw in my research that there was a Redwood National Park and a Redwood State Park and that would be where the trees would be seen. They are every where, along side the highways, and near viewing pull offs. That first night our waiter urged us to go to the Stout Grove. He gave us a map and the next morning off we went. The Stout Grove got its name from Mrs. Stout who donated the 44 acre site in memory of her husband and to preserve this grove of trees. Jay, our waiter neglected to tell me that the "road" if you will was nothing more than a dirt path just barely one vehicle wide. Following are a few pictures taken in this grove. The very last picture shows the "road"

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OtraVezDeCabeza said...

HI! I'm from argentina, I created a Blogger account yesterday, but I were looking this blog for a few weeks, I love traveling and nature, and your photographies (sorry for my english, I'm not shure how much wrong that word is) makes me dream and remember, anyway, I'm folowing you, so, KEEP TRAVELING AND KEEP POSTING! Have a nice day, from your new argentinian follower!