Thursday, April 22, 2010

Southwest trip Day 10

We meet Carol' s son Bill and Gus for breakfast. We all return to Bill's and visit until its time to go and see Lisa's home. It is a very pleasant home and remarkable cool considering the outside temperature. Carol has personal time with her son, granddaughter and great grandson. Time does fly and soon Lisa leaves for work, Bill tends to his grandson. We say our final goodbyes with a promise to return to El Paso in the near future.

Carol and I hop onto I 10 and continue our journey eastward. We have a short day driving planned due to our early afternoon start. Our goal is to return to the same hotel in Fort Stockton that we stayed at on Easter Sunday. I will retrieve my pillow that I forgot when i checked out. I also left a laundry bag (pillow case) in Phoenix. The hotel there will be sending it to the Florida address.

We arrive after a four hour drive. The desk clerk returns my pillow. Carol and I return to K-Bob's for dinner.

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