Thursday, April 15, 2010

Southwest Adventure day 4

Another warm sunny day as we leave Las Cruces for Mesa and Mike's home. He and I were in the Navy in the early 60's. We planned on stopping at the Arizona welcome center. We were very disappointed that it was closed. We later were told that Arizona closed all but three rest areas due to cost cutting. We turn north on route 70 so we can drive the Tonto National Forest. The scenery was beautiful but there were few places to stop to take pictures. In most locations the guardrail was on the roads edge and the drop was immediate. The road followed the contour of the mountain. It was the type of driving that required constant attention.

Below are a few pictures that I was able to take. Unfortunately I was not able to take pictures of the most beautiful and rugged scenery.

We ended the day at Mike's home in Mesa.

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