Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Southwest Day 9 - Eastbound

We spent a leisurely day yesterday in Mesa at Mike's home. This morning we are off fairly early. We will lose an hour when we leave Arizona. We have a committment to be in El Paso early afternoon. We are going to see Carol's oldest son, his two daughters and their respective sons. It was an uneventful drive and we are there in time. Once in El Paso we check in to the hotel and make contact. Bill and Gus his long time friend will come to the hotel and we will follow to their home where we will meet the rest of the family. There is a pleasant patio partially shaded and visiting begins. It is a peaceful setting and the family begins the catching up on family news. I am greeted warmly. I now have met all of Carol's children, almost all of the grandchildren and great grandchildren. Music is playing, family talking, drinks are available and the sun is warm and comforting. All the ingrediences for a most pleasant time. A cookout is planned and a family dinner.

It is dark as we say our goodbyes. We will meet Bill and Gus for breakfast and return to Bill's house then. We will also be visiting Lisa's home in the morning.

Carol discovers that the room refridgeator is leaking water. I call the desk and I am dismayed that a very young clerk is the only employee in the building with 120 rooms. I deal with the water and will talk to management in the morning.

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