Thursday, April 22, 2010

Southwest DAy 11

We are on the road in good form. I plan on stopping in the outskirts of Houston. I had originally planned on staying in Galveston to view a lighthouse. I decided to skip it. The miles are starting to add up and I am tired. The driving in the mountains in Arizona with the twists and rapid turns required tremendous concentration. There were a lot of miles where there was no room for error. I am undecided about the Alamo. It was on the list.

The traffic in San Antonio was heavy and I missed the Alamo exit. I was not upset. I surely did not want to get lost in San Antonio. We find our exit in Houston and check into our hotel. I make use of their laundry and wash all the dogs bedding and blankets. Carol is giving them a bath as we are going to our good friends in Purvis, Mississippi. The dogs definitely do not like the bathtub but it is our only choice. No nifty spray hose like at home. Carol and I eat at Denny's which we walked too. It was good and I go back at 9PM for take out dessert.

When I checked in the desk clerk told me either get out before 6 am or after 9 am. Houston rush hour is very intense.

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