Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Three Miles

Every morning (at least 5 of 7) I walk three miles around the complex. If you are faithful to the exact perimeter it is one mile around the complex. This usually takes about 42 to 45 minutes depending on the wind. I have a lot of time to think about my life, world problems and anger.

Lately I have been think about anger. I know its one step of grieving. It's been just about five months and I would think this step should be passed by know. I tend to keep coming back to it. Some days I am mad at the whole damn world. Other days (today) I am especially mad at the Doctors and their continuing to paint a rosy picture to both of us even at the end. It was an Oncology fellow who took me aside the day my wife was being transferred to a Nursing Facility that was also associated with Hospice care that gave me a true estimate. I am not angry with her.

World problems interest me. By no means do I have answers. I just know that the current president is hocking the economic future of my children and grandchildren. Someday Americans will have to pay the piper. I will be long gone by then, I think.

I am irritated every time I have to press 1 for English. The weak sisters that we sent to Washington could not or would not make English our national language. For shame on all of them.

It seems to me that the presidential election should be over. Its 11 months away and I am sick of all of them.

I was raised to believe in God. If there is one, why does He allow humans to kill humans in His name.

My home of 39 years. I had such a difficult time sleeping there over Christmas. I talked to the gal who grew up two houses away. She is now Manager of a Colwell Banker office. She tells me that the market is way down. I won't sell cheap, but I need to be living some place else. I ponder this issue several times a week as I walk.

The Columbia River Gorge. I have been mapping out this journey for several weeks. The trip is now up to 10,ooo miles. If I drive to the West coast, I may as well see lighthouses in Washington, Oregon, and California, and the redwood trees, Yosemite, Salt Lake City, the Hoover Dam, and oh yes, the National Parks in Utah. Can't forget the Alamo, the Grand Canyon must be in there someplace. This is part of my "to do list". I don't have a bucket list.

I want to try and book a passage on a Great Lakes Freighter one summer.

I feel good about the Bonneville staying in the family. I appreciate my son taking my Dad's license plate. He had to give up his initials on the plate I got him with his first car. That will keep my Mom happy. I am finally down to one vehicle. My daughter loves the Bonnie.

As I walk the complex, I have determined that I am the only car from New England. I have run into a Mainer in the supermarket. He wearing his Red Sox cap. Me, I wear either a Comerica Cares or a VA-36 hat.

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