Saturday, January 05, 2008


The condo management published the names of the winter guests this week. This building seems to be the exception to the statistic that women outlive their men. There are 15 widowers and only 8 widows here. I seem to be the youngest.

The weather warmed today and I was able to walk in shorts and my newest favorite sweatshirt. I spent a good amount of time in the sunshine. I also sat on the balcony reading.

I had a nice long conversation with the lady from upstate New York that I met when she was in this area last December. She is planning on spending a week down here in January.

My mail must have been in a logjam somewhere. Today I received a number of cards (and bills)that were mailed mid December. I received a very nice note from Tanya Hartman. Tanya was always our waitress of choice in the Chippewa Room in Mackinaw City, MI. I also received a nice note from Sherree the owner on Brigadoon, the lovely B & B that we stayed at in Mackinaw City. I also received a nice note from Mr & Mrs Colangelo whom we met when Todd and Matthew were frat brothers together.

I decided to tidy up the condo. I vacuumed and washed all the counter tops. I did the mirrors in the bathroom and the bright work. I decided to wash the kitchen floor on my hands and knees. There seemed to be a nasty spot that the wet mop would not wash. I discovered that something had dropped and chipped the tile so deep the black backing showed through. This was before my arrival. However the floor did need a good washing.

I had planned on washing the car but the queue for the washing station was too long. Tomorrow is another day. I may opt for the local car wash if the lines are too long tomorrow.

Finally, the local schools will open on Monday or Tuesday and the movie and mall traffic will return to just adults during the day.

On the advice of locals I drove 35 miles round trip last night for BBQ. It was OK but they only has St. Louis style ribs. I wanted baby back ribs. The waitress was pleasant and nosy wanting to know why I was so far from home and alone. She guessed Rhode Island as soon as I requested vinegar for the french fries. I simply told her I had itchy feet and was always on the move. It was easier.

As I work through the stages of grief, I seem to revert back to anger. It seems to be the stage that I am spending the most time working through. I am certainly not depressed or in denial. Those stages came and went a long time ago.

During these past few days when the Florida weather really sucked, I started working on my "to do list". I refuse to call it the Bucket List. I may want to see that movie. The list will be the subject of a future post.

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