Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Florida Primary

Next Tuesday (January 29Th), the Florida primary will take place. There will not be a Democratic primary as Florida had the audacity to change their date. The Democratic National Party pulled a pout and said they would not seat the delegates from Florida. So all the Democratic canidates agreed not to come here. Kind of a "head in the sand" approach. The underlying reason may be that Florida will be a RED state so why waste campaign dollars. Works for me. There will far less aggravating political ads and I will not have to listen to her screeching voice.

The Republican candidates are very active in Florida. Following are my observations:

Mitt Romney ~ He has too much personal money and he spends freely. His ads are incessant with the same message, over and over and over. I could care less about his religion, but I have grown to really dislike HIM. He claims he knows how to take apart Washington and put it back together. Yeah, right. He ought to get a lot of cooperation from the other side of the aisle.

Rudy ~ he seems to have run his course. His campaign is low on cash. He acted like a spoiled child when the Daytona Race track would not let him drive the pace car. Hell, his own children don't talk to him and probably will not vote for him. Why should I? Rudy, your time has come and gone.

John McCain ~ His campaign is cash poor. His popularity is growing and gaining momentum. His TV ads are informative, but few and far in between. I have always like him. He flew A4's during Viet Nam. I worked on A4's in the Navy. I think he has the right stuff. He is weak on immigration and I don't agree with him there.

Ron Paul ~ A strick constitutionist. I think he would be the right man to put the United States back on the right track fiscally. He has the same chance as that "snowball" from you know where. He also has little cash.

Huckabee ~ He has a certain appeal to a select group. His campaign is low on funds. His religion does bother me. Also as Governor he pardoned way too many criminals. Some of whom caused great harm after release. He is usually good for a one liner that gets a chuckle.

I'll be glad when Tuesday is over and they all leave.

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Jill said...

I sure don't think Mitt did any good for Massachusetts.