Monday, January 14, 2008


Flippant ~ Smart or pert in speech.

Yes there are other definitions for flippant. This is the one that has stayed in my mind since the fifth grade. It seems that I have had difficulty stifling myself starting at an early age. I wrote that definition 5000 times several times during my fifth year of Catholic education. My Dad would come home and see me writing and he would just shake his head. In my high school yearbook I was remembered for "always keeping the class lively with candid remarks". Well, at least I never had to write anytime 5000 times. My wise ass mouth kept me on the edge of serious trouble in the Navy, and sometimes I would slip over the edge and I paid the price several times during those four years. I know that I have the ability to rub some folks raw. I don't always try, its just a natural gift.

Sometime a flip remark brightens someones moment. I'm thinking of a comment I made to someone I care about, that she should buy a string bikini and head South.

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