Sunday, January 20, 2008

Ponce de Leon State Park

Although I want the home team (Patriots) to win, I rarely watch. Today after lunch I drove out to the Ponce de Leon State Park. Its about 50 miles from the condo. Today was blessed with bright sunshine which did little to cut the wind lowering the 43 degree afternoon temperature. I had been here before with my wife a few years ago. The honor system was in effect and I gladly put the $3.00 in the envelope.

This park is directly above a thick layer of limestone. Over the years holes have developed in the limestone. 14 million gallons of crystal clear water at a constant temperature of 68 degrees seeps up everyday. Years ago native Indians believed that the waters possessed healing powers and they would camp periodically to enjoy these benefits.

There are now ramps and stairs with railings to aid folks to enter the pool to enjoy the waters. Additionally, walkways with bridges over the moving streams were built so visitors can walk throughout the woodlands. Yesterday this area received over an inch of badly needed rain. Unfortunately, the moving water is overflowing the walkways and bridges and only a small part of the trail was dry enough to walk. I was very careful as the water was lapping at the path. You see there is a warning sign cautioning visitors that there are alligators in the park waters. The only wild life that I saw was a single bat that flew up from the underbrush. That was a surprise as I believe bats normally would be off sleeping in a secluded place during the day.

All in all, it was a neat way to spend an afternoon on a day when it was too cold to swim.

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