Monday, November 26, 2007

The week that was

My son flew in on the Monday before Thanksgiving to spend a week with me. I picked him up at the Tallahassee airport. His plane was early. Perhaps Bush's opening the military air route was going to work. My son arrived with a bad cough, chest congestion and a notably downhearted attitude. By the time we arrived back at Panama City Beach, it was too late to get him any over the counter meds. Early the next morning while he was still sleeping I went and got cold pills and cough syrup.

Slowly over the next two days he started feeling better. He was also getting plenty of rest. We shopped for Thanksgiving dinner. We bought a 5 pound turkey breast. I conferred with my youngest daughter on cooking time. Fortunately there were instructions inside the wrapping with cooking time and temperature instructions. We had a great meal and he watched football all afternoon. He lamented on the fact that the condo did not have the NFL network for the evening game. I said a silent prayer thanking the condo association for not providing that channel. Thus I managed to get through another milestone. I was glad my son came.

On Friday he and I took a ride to DeFuniak Springs. Their claim to fame is a perfectly round lake. The center of town looks like a picture out of Norman Rockwell. Unfortunately, the local shops look like the Wal Mart on the main road leading into the area is siphoning all of the business from that area. The one shop that looked the busiest was a local new and used book store. We browsed for some time and we each made purchases. This store was a great favorite of my wife's. The two local restaurants were closed so we headed back to the condo.

Saturday, we headed to Tallahassee in early afternoon. My son had a 7 AM flight on Sunday morning, and I decided the best bet was to stay overnight in Tallahassee. We did go to the historic old capitol building. I wandered around out side taking pictures while he went inside. I was going to join him. We were late and they were closing so I did not get inside. I need to make a day trip and go back and take the tour.

Yesterday, we were up at 4:15 AM EST or 3:30 AM CST (my body is on CST). I tried to go back to the motel for more sleep, but I could not. It's odd but when I got back to the condo, I missed my son.

Last evening was the worse night I have had since I left home. I had a complete meltdown. I believe several thing contributed to my sense of dis pare. I was physically exhausted, I was channel surfing when I came upon the Anne of Green Gables series. This was a favorite of my wife and the reason she requested that we tour Prince Edward Island. I had also read my daughter's blog describing her feelings at a family birthday party. So I had a dreadful evening, feeling guilty and sad.

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Jill said...

Guilty is one thing you should try to shake off. Nothing to feel guilty about.