Sunday, November 18, 2007


Apalachicola is noted for its oysters. These oysters are among the best in the world. They are grown in the bay where the fresh water river empties. This combination results in a sweet fresh tasting oyster rather than a salty tasting oyster. The city of Atlanta is in serious trouble with fresh drinking water falling below 80 days supply. The Governor of Georgia petition the Army Core of Engineers to reduce the flow of water down the river that empties into the Apalachicola Bay. The oyster fishermen are looking at reduced crop yields as a result. The southeast desperately needs heavy prolonged rain.

Last Thursday I headed East to Apalachicola for oysters. I went to Papa Joe's which is slightly off the tourist path. Marie and I found this accidentally because it was on a side street when we were going to buy Tupelo Honey. As soon as the waitress came to the table, she mentioned that the oysters might be saltier. I ordered the first dozen. They came ice cold with minced horseradish on the side. A little dab of horseradish and a squirt of cocktail sauce and I was ready. Needless to say they were well worth the 160 mile round trip. Yes, a couple were salty, but they more than met my expectations. In fact I ordered a second dozen.

The cafe in the center of town is notable because a couple of scenes from Ulee's Gold was filmed there.

I am thankful that I seem to have found a sense of peacefulness here. I may be alone but I don't feel lonely.

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Jill said...

Michael likes raw oysters, too, but I think he's only ever had a couple at a time. I hope it rains there.
My kids are wound up with holiday frenzy. Even Sylvie is louder than usual. She's pulling herself up to stand now.