Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Four Things

I will take the challenge from my daughter

4 Jobs I had:

Super market "gofer" stack shelves, check out register, whatever
U S Navy Jet Mechanic
Computer Programmer

4 Movies I love to watch:

Pretty Woman
The Quiet Man
The African Queen
The Hunt For Red October

4 Places I have Lived:

Des Moines, Iowa (during WW II - I don't remember it)
Aboard the USS Saratoga
3rd floor apartment Pawtucket RI - first 3 years of marriage
Raised ranch North Providence, RI

4 TV Shows I enjoy:

Womans Murder Club
Saving Grace
Cold Case

4 Places I have been:

The top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa
Beirut before the troubles
Catapulted off an aircraft carrier in a Navy jet
Lafayette, Louisianna

4 Websites I visit daily:

My Bank's homepage

4 Favorite Foods:

A great steak with baked potato topped with butter and sour cream
BBQ ribs wet or dry rub - Memphis
Edy's slow churned chocolate chip ice cream
Greasey cheeseburger with mustard and raw onion

4 Places I'd rather be:

This is difficult as I am retired and I have the time and resouces to go where I want

Panama City Beach, FL in the winter
Rhode Island in the spring and fall
The coast of Maine in the summer
With any of my grandchildren without their parents

This is a conditional location - Australia if Hillary wins

4 Places I'd like to visit:

Take the day train from London to Edinbough
Cruise the Alaskan coast
Columbia River Gorge
West coast Lighthouses

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