Saturday, November 03, 2007

Snow Bird

Yes, I realize that it's too early to be escaping a New England winter, but this year, I needed a change of scenery. I don't propose to blog everyday in November as my youngest daughter is doing. However, I plan on being more active. I left Rhode Island in late October and headed South. My first night was spent in Virginia Beach, VA for two reasons. I prefer not to drive the beltway around DC and I like the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and tunnel. I always stop on the scenic overlook. That day the water was angry and waves were breaking over the breakwater. I called my old Navy pal, Hugh (Tex) and he and his wife took me out to dinner. I always enjoy his and Samra's company. The following day, I stopped in Georgia and stayed with another old Navy pal and his wife. They were still suffering jet lag after their 16 day tour of Europe. It was a restful time with old friends. I particularly enjoyed the Southern buffet in Statesboro. It had been a while since I had collard greens and also a side of stewed tomatoes to go with the grilled chicken.

I arrived at the condo, November 1st. It was an uneventful drive from Georgia. The unit is very pleasant with a great bed. Now if I can only start sleeping longer. The only gripe I have is the refrigerator. It's old, noisy and missing a shelf. Fortunately I can't hear it in the bed room. The furniture is nice but a little low for me. I had twisted my back the day before I left and it is now fine. It was bothersome on the drive down. The only issue is my left hip. I hope the swimming and walking will do it some good.

I have been in the Gulf and the unheated pool swimming laps. I started out with two miles walking in the mornings and plan on being up to three miles by the 19Th of this month. Right now I want to build some stamina and improve my time.

Today, the Florida Ironman competition is taking place in Panama City Beach. I watched from my balcony as the 1100+ contestants hit the water this morning for the 2.4 mile swim. I did not see the bike part as it was out towards the west of the condo. I can see the marathon from the condo. I decided to stay put today. They should all be leaving tomorrow or Monday. They have clogged traffic since I arrived doing their training.

I have begun to psych myself up for next Friday's drive to Lafayette, LA. You see, I like to drive, but, I'm not sleeping well yet and I get groggy driving. Manuel is a good friend and he flew to Rhode Island for Marie's celebration, so I will go and stop often on the way. I started to research the lighthouses that would be easily accessable in New Orleans, but Katrina did them in. The others require chartering a boat or plane which I am not going to do.

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