Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Food Chain

My son and I were walking the beach early Thanksgiving morning. We stopped to chat with a fisherman who had two rods working. He is from north of Toronto and retired from the Canadian army after 28 years of service. He was a very affable person. While we were talking, he brought up the subject of sharks. He began a dissertation on the Bull Shark, a creature that prefers warm water and one that is prevalent off the gulf coast at certain times of the year and occasionally anytime. They are a very aggressive shark. He encouraged up to Google Bull Shark. I told him I try to swim almost everyday. With a big smile he told me as soon as you put your feet in the water you become part of the food chain. We all chuckled and Todd and I continued our walk.

Todd did Google the creature and we were quite amazed. Its the only shark that can survive in salt and fresh water. They have been found in the Great Lakes and over 2000 miles up the Amazon River.

To think my mother did not want me to come to Florida because of the Gators and snakes.

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