Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Three miles

Today was notable for three things:

1) I went to morning mass at the local Catholic Church. First time since Marie's service. It was at 7 AM.

2) I made the three mile walk today in a fairly decent time.

3) The maintenance man for this building ran a wire into the unit and hooked up my computer to a black box (actually white) and I have high speed Internet. No more dial up. I won't cancel the dial up just yet. I am the A building beta test site and will periodically report my access and speed of connection to management.

Less notable, I read the owners manual and changed the clock in the car that was still set to Eastern daylight saving time, a two hour difference. It was a little chilly this morning. I'm still in short sleeves and shorts, but the noon anchor introduced the weatherman by saying it was COLD. By then it was hovering around 60 degrees with a light wind.

I am thankful for my three attentive children.

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Jill said...

OOh, high speed connection. After being so used to that dial-up must have been absolutely deadly. Good for you with the walking. I have to figure out how to get some exercise in now that I'm feeling a little better. That might help some. Three postcards arrived in yesterday's mail although I didn't bring in that mail till this morning. That was pretty quick delivery.