Tuesday, November 06, 2007

First Milestone

One positive about being in an area with seniors skipping their native home winters is that you get to talk to folks in your age group. Granted most are about a decade older. I have spoken to a couple who have been through the alone thing and they mention that it takes a year. To get through the first birthday, holiday or whatever.

Today is the first milestone. It would be our 42ND wedding anniversary. I am doing OK. First my son called, then i opened a short but touching email from the youngest daughter. Then my brother in law John called.

I accomplished a task that may seem out of the ordinary for this milestone. I went to social security to apply for my wife's death benefit. I don't need the money, but it is a benefit that the government supplies ($255.00). She worked and they took a portion of her pay, so I wanted the money for her. When I arrived, I got a number and the ticket said approximate wait time 35 minutes. Now my family knows about my patients level. So, an hour later when I was called for the pre-interview, I was still calm. Then it was another 20 minutes for the final interview and completion of all paperwork. In about a month the money will be deposited. They were very kind and after 90 minutes I was able to walk out pleased that I did not leave without finishing.

I may be alone, but oddly, I am not lonely.

I am thankful that my family thinks about me and worries about me. I am pleased with me for sticking it out at social security.

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