Sunday, October 30, 2011

"Gilligan" Hat

It took some searching, but I finally found a primary care doctor here in Panama City Beach that was not only taking new patients but also accepted Medicare. Last Tuesday I had my first appointment. I was and still am impressed with how much time she spent with me. She echoed the Rhode Island doctor's directive to have my mole removed. I made the appointment and saw the dermatologist last Thursday. I also had two "age" spots that I wanted them to remove. All of the above were normal spots of no consequence. Almost as an after thought, I mentioned that every morning when I brushed my hair that I knocked the scab off a sore. She gave me a long name of what it was that I don't remember. The bottom line is that it is a form of skin cancer that can be invasive. It was removed and I must wear a hat in the sun. No more breezes flowing through my (thinning) hair with the top down on the convertible. I have plenty of baseball caps, but they make my head sweat. I have a Tilly hat, again it makes my head sweat. I told Carol that I wanted a hat with a small brim that was kind of floppy. I went to several tourist shops - no luck. I went to J C Penny and was told that they were on clearance as summer was over and they were sold out. Hmm, I thought, it still 80 + outside. I stopped at a place that sells golf clubs. He said you want a "Gilligan" hat. Yesss I said. He sent me to the Holiday Golf Club clubhouse. I found what I was looking for there. They actually call them "bucket" hats. Whatever they are called did not matter. I bought two. I will now wear a hat in the daylight. I am pictured below with my "Gilligan" hat.

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