Saturday, October 22, 2011

Our typical week in Panama City Beach

We started the week by going out for breakfast at our favorite place, The Pickle Patch.
It is as much a social event as it is breakfast. I have been accepted as a local and Carol and I always sit at "the" table. It is usually the same cast of local characters. Donna is the Sunday waitress and Carol's coffee was poured and my diet coke was delivered without being ordered. It was good to see Mitch who has been working on a project and has not been around for lunch in a while. He was enjoying a lazy Sunday morning. The weather has stayed unseasonable warm and we had been in the high 80's and actually slipped into the low 90's on Monday. We all were looking forward to Tuesday. The weather folks were forecasting an all day rain event. Our area so badly needed this rain. It seems like the scattered showers always seem to skip over the beach. We put Tuesday to good use and completed house hold chores. In the afternoon we rode out to Destin to Barnes & Noble. I had bought Carol a color nook when her eye sight was poor. I decided that I would get a nook also. I chose the original black and white nook. It works just fine for me. I have already read Stephen J. Cannell's Vertical Coffin. He is one of my top five favorite authors. The weather cleared and we drove back home in sunshine.Wednesday the cool front passed and we now have day time highs in the 70's. Its great, no A/C and no heat. Low energy days.

The boys all got baths this week. They hear the "bath" word and they all look for a place to hide. Below, Gizmo is getting his chin whiskers scrubbed. He gets a little wild eyed during this part. I think it would be easier to wash a rattlesnake than to brush his teeth. He is due for his yearly checkup and I think I will have the Vet clean his teeth.

Pictured below is our little rascal being dried. Carol has said that it was easier to wash a nine pound cat than to wash him. For a little guy, he is amazingly strong.

Tiny and Pillo are enjoying the Florida sun after their baths. Tiny is over 18 now and really showing his age.

This past Thursday, Carol had her last quilting lesson. She is making a "picket fence quilt". We picked out the fabric together (2+ hours). I eventually went and sat in the truck. These places should have a "husband" sitting area. We wanted something that represented our lifestyle here on the beach. Below is her work in progress. we met for lunch at the Pickle Path after class. Mitch was there again and I gave him two Cross pencils. He seems to be one of the few people that I know who likes a 5mm mechanical pencil. When we left, Janet's Caddy would not start. Its old and tired. She called a tow truck and I drove her home. Apparently they are used to Janet calling and she left the keys on the floor and I drove her home. She called me the next day to thank me. She told me the mechanic delivered it to her home and she was once again mobile.

Close up of the center section.

We drove with the top down out to Freeport, Florida yesterday. We found this neat fabric place off the beaten path. Carol had signed up for another class in two weeks to make a hanging Christmas tree quilt. She needed reds and greens. It was a great day and I enjoy helping to pick out the colors. It was also great riding with the top down.

I purchased a grill late last week. The local Lowe's had some nice looking ones all made in China. Their delivery charge was quite expensive in my opinion. I went out to Ace hardware and found a nice grill with more features made in Canada and they offered free delivery. We have grilled every night this week except for our ravioli night. This was our week in what we call "paradise".

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