Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sam's Porch

Sam's Porch designed by Hugh constructed by Hugh with support from Ed, Manuel, and Roy. Pictures by Ed.

Sam's Porch is a fulfillment of a request that Samra made of her husband Hugh. Earlier this year Carol and I spent two weeks with them as our home was remodeled. At the time, I said I would come and help. I really have no experience with power tools, but I could be a good helper and gofer. The project was slated for October. We headed there October 7Th from Florida, Manuel and Zella came from Louisiana. Manuel was also a Navy buddy from long ago. We arrived mid afternoon. Manuel and Hugh had two walls up by then. Roy is a friend from church. He was there Saturday morning. The remaining wall was quickly erected as pictured below.

Hugh and Manuel admire the progress.

Manuel attaches the supports for the rafters.

Roy and Hugh discuss the project below .

The rafters are in place below.

Another view of the rafters.

Sunday morning we started to install the stringers. The metal roof would be screwed to them. They also provide additional strength to the entire porch.

Once all the stringers were in place, Hugh made final measurements for the metal roof. We all sat down to an excellent mid day meal. Manuel and Zella left shortly after dinner for home.

Early Monday morning Hugh and I left for the approximate 100 mile round trip to the plant that would produce the metal roof panels. Roy and I would pick up a 36 inch by 25 foot 6 inch panel and guide it over the edge of the roof and give it a good shove so it landed on the rafters. Hugh on the rafters would systematically guide each panel into place. It was important that each panel was exact. We did not want the trailing edges to be uneven. Below Hugh is drilling starter holes in the tin so the metal screws could then be driven into the stringers.

I am pleased to say that I was up on the roof driving screws for awhile until Roy returned. He was more adept at it than me and thus the roof was finished quicker. I must also say that my leg was cramping badly and I was very happy to see Roy return. This phase of the project was complete Monday afternoon. Hugh will bring electrical out for a ceiling fan and light. Hugh has to build the support for the two screen doors and Sam will be painting all the studs. Hugh is planning on installing a bead board ceiling. The final item will be to completely screen in the porch.

Every part of the project was completed precisely. All walls are square, level and aligned. You can see the trailing edge of the metal roof. Perfect. We remained an additional day to relax and visit before leaving Wednesday morning. It was not all work. We had a roast over an open fire, good conversation with dear friends. We talkedabout where our next get together should be. I was pleased to be a part of the project.

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