Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Surgery Update

The surgery was yesterday. I arrived 10 minutes early for my 1:30 PM appointment. I was taken on time, prepped for the procedure. Drops were placed in my right eye to numb it. I was hooked up to a heart monitor and given a small dose of a drug to relax me. The doctor came in and spoke to me, checked my eye for dilation. A few minutes later I was moved to an operating room. My head was strapped in place. I was told to stare at the light and he began. He told me what he was doing every step of the way. I was finished within 10 minutes. I was wheeled into recovery, provided with a drink of apple juice and I was given two pictures of my eye in different stages of the procedure. Carol came in and got me. Total time there 90 minutes. Last night I was amazed at the vibrant colors on the TV. My sight had been deteriorating for awhile. Now the hard part, no bending, stooping, or picking up anything over a few pounds for 7 days. I must sleep with a shield over the eye. Carol is hovering over me watching my every move.

This morning I went for the day after surgery appointment The eye looks good just a little swelling around the incision. As the dilation fades, I am seeing so much better. I am looking forward to having the next eye done.

We had previously made an appointment this morning for Carol as she was due her yearly checkup and she wanted another scrip for contacts. Carol also has cataracts and we scheduled her first surgery around my next procedure. This way one of us will be able to drive the other, and provide care during the sensitive 7 days after surgery.

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