Saturday, January 29, 2011

Eye Surgery

I went this past Wednesday for my pre-op appointments. First at the eye doctors where I saw a video on how to prepare my eye before surgery and what to do after surgery. Then my eyes were measured and "mapped" if you will for the implants. This was all very impressive with the process and the equipment. I saw my doctor and I was given my kit. In there are samples of the drops, a shield that I will tape over the eye to sleep and a pair of dark sunglasses that are more like the safety glasses that needed to be worn in the factory. I also received prescriptions for the three drops needed twice daily per a prescribed schedule. I had previously visited the Walgreen's and found out the cost and decided I did not want generic. After all I only have these two eyes.

My next stop was the surgery center a short distance from the doctor's office. There I waited for 30 minutes to see someone for less than 5 minutes for pre-op instructions. I must bring my kit and wear a button shirt ( I have one) no food for 6 hours and no liquid for 4 hours before my appointment.

I dropped off the scrip and assumed everything would be good. The next day, I went for my drops only to find out that one (Bromday) was not filled and also not ordered because my plan would not cover any of the $170.00 cost. I told her I knew that. Why was I not contacted, these are needed for eye surgery. The whole pharmacy department looked as if they were deer in the headlights. I guess customer service at Walgreen's is severely lacking and the insurance company has more clout than the customer. I finally got the drops the next day. I am evaluating if I want to continue doing business with Walgreen's.

Tonight I start washing the eyelid and lashes on my right eye with diluted Johnson's baby shampoo. This will be done for three nights. Tomorrow morning I will start the twice daily regiment of one drop each of the three prescribed drops. One drop is for ten days, another for three weeks and the third for about two weeks. I have a chart.

Tuesday is surgery on the right eye. I will have to wear a shield over the eye for a week while the implant heals. This will stop rubbing of the eye in my sleep. Frankly I am worried about this part. I'm told you rub your eyes in your sleep. Must be very careful. I have purchased a pair of sunglasses as my prescription sunglasses can no longer be used.

I am looking forward to having the second eye done. I know my vision will be tremendously improved.

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