Monday, February 21, 2011

Eye surgeries and odds and ends

Carol's eye is doing much better. She is seeing distance well with the other eye closed. When both eyes are open she has trouble with balance. A neighbor who also had astigmatism correction with her cataract surgery told her that having the second eye done was the key. She too had the imbalance and trouble focusing before the second surgery. Carol sees the doctor tomorrow and told me she will beg and grovel to have the next surgery as soon as possible. We know the Doctor is taking a weeks vacation sometime in March. Depending on the week, she may have to wait an extra week.

My second eye will be done tomorrow afternoon. I am also eager to get that done. Once our eye surgeries and followup appointments are completed, our new granddaughter should have entered the world. We will head up to Rhode Island then.

Gizmo was chasing Pillo and they both leaped over Tiny. When Gizmo landed he sprained his lower left front paw. We took him to the vet the next morning and he was given an anti inflammatory shot and I have a script for him. He does not like taking liquid from a syringe. Its easier with a pill wrapped in cheese.

We took Tiny in this morning. His skin is in poor shape and he scratches so hard he cries. We are afraid that the quality of his life is diminishing rapidly. He received two injections that are time released and we will monitor him closely over the next week. If he shows improvement, he will need two more regiments every 10 days. He continues to lose weight and no longer wishes to be held. He is 17 years old and has lived a great life since Carol rescued him 15 years ago.

Pillo has passed the 6 month birthday and has started lifting his leg. Once Carol has a date for her second eye, we will figure out a good date to have Pillo "fixed". He continues to amuse us. He struts around the block as if he is the biggest baddest dog out there. He menacingly charged a frog until it hopped and he then ran the other way. Also he has started to jump up on the chairs where Gizmo sleeps. No rest for Gizmo. He has managed to jump in the basket where her yarn is kept and was running off with a skein. He also managed to chew an end off a knitting needle. Carol is considering buying a playpen for him.

The weather on the Panhandle has finally warmed up to normal temperatures for this time of year. We have been spending time in two of our favorite state parks. I mentioned to my son that I had to run the A/C in the truck and it affects my MPG. He said he was freezing his you know what off and had no sympathy for me.

The realtor had an open house in RI and two parties showed interest. I will hope for the best and what will be - will be. If no buyer, we will spend the summer there.

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