Friday, July 03, 2009

Opposites Attract ??

Carol and I met over 18 months ago. She was a self-employed seamstress and I was a retired upper level manager. Both of us had been extended caretakers in our previous marriages. Both of us were use to being completely in charge. We both did the marketing, the menu planning, the cooking. We both handled all the cleaning of the home, laundry and whatever. In so many ways we were alike but not in all ways.

OK, Carol had a guy that cut her grass, and I had a lady that came every two weeks and did certain areas of house cleaning. There are times when we bang heads especially in the kitchen. We are getting better at coordinating our movements and how we spice foods. I have adapted to her "magic" bottle of spices. She does not like my oil and vinegar salad dressing that I prepare nightly. I do like a strong vinegar mixture that she finds harsh. I am now 99% eating healthy breads, muffins and frozen waffles with only an occasional white roll. I am eating a greater variety of fresh vegetables and less red meat (heavy sigh). We have adapted well to one another in our diets. She must start her day with hot coffee, I have a cold diet coke. I use vinegar on french fries, Carol tried it and has reverted back to ketchup.

I now install the toilet paper her way and she folds the bath towels my way. She was exasperated when she saw that I would just drop my under shirts into the drawer unfolded. She now folds my underwear and t-shirts. We hang our shirts and jackets facing in opposite directions. Mind always face to the right and hers to the left. Sometimes I have to hang hers a second time because I automatically do it the way I always do, then I see it does not match the rest of her clothes. I like my bath towels dried outside on the clothes line and hers must be in the dryer. She refers to my towels as sand paper. An opinion shared with the next door neighbor. She handles the heat better than I and I handle the cold better. However we both agree that we will avoid Rhode Island winters from now on.

I have always had itchy feet and like to be on the go. Carol has been an eager partner in our road trips. Carol is like a kid in a candy store drinking in the scenery where ever we are. I am always planning the next two trips.

We love each other and we love our combined family. Admittedly I received more "new" family than Carol received from me. However she did say my mom was the best Mother-in-law she ever had.

So as we forge ahead in our life together we seem to be on the same page more often than not. But Viva la difference where we are not.

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cangel1223 said...

Your writing is truly beautiful. Your feelings are well expressed. I am so glad that my grandmother has found somebody to love and spoil her. Your extended family loves you! Look forward to seeing you guys in the fall. P.S. I would love a snowy winter!