Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Coffee Milk

Coffee milk is the "official" drink of Rhode Island. Once out of the Rhode Island area the idea of coffee milk becomes an illusive product. When I was first out of the Navy boot camp and stationed in Memphis, TN for my Jet Mechanic school I asked for a glass of coffee milk at a local restaurant. The waitress in her Southern drawl asked "Honey do you want a glass half full of coffee and the rest milk?" I soon realized that it would be awhile before I would get coffee milk.

Coffee milk is white milk with a portion of coffee syrup added to the milk. The syrup is made by extracting liquid from coffee beans. The syrup is widely available in the Rhode Island area and is also available for shipping where ever displaced Rhode Islanders may be. I know this as a few years ago I had a case shipped to the condo I was renting in Panama City Beach, FL. Coffee syrup is akin to the chocolate syrup that is more universally available. Premixed coffee milk is available in the supermarkets here in Rhode Island along side chocolate and strawberry flavored milk

Pictured is a bottle of the preferred syrup that I use to make my evening glass of coffee milk. I prefer to mix my own rather than buying the coffee milk in the market. I like a stronger mixture. I have tried to spread the word and the enjoyment of this Rhode Island icon beyond our Northern borders. Carol's daughters in Tallahassee, FL and Elsie, MI seem to like it. My old Navy shipmate in Georgia did not take to it.
Coffee milk is truly a Rhode Island drink and should you travel here, order a glass in a restaurant. You just might like it.

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