Monday, July 20, 2009

Land Line

When I was ready to leave Florida for the Northern home, I called ahead to Cox Communications to "wake up" my service. My desire was also to control the cost of cable, Internet and phone service. I told the phone representative that I did not want long distance service but did want to be able to call within Rhode Island with no added cost. He assured me that would be the case. You can imagine my ire when I found out how much I was being charged for long distance in the smallest state. To call my mom, son at home or work I was being charged. As I thought about it, I came to the conclusion that I would just cancel the home phone. I had that number since 1965 when I first married. It followed me from the first apartment to the home I built in 1968. The Cox representative did his best to talk me out of doing it. Both Carol and I have cell phones. I have only gone over my monthly minutes once in 8 years and then I used roll over minutes. It has been about a month and I do not miss that land line. In fact, the physical phones were given to my Massachusetts daughter for her use. There will be no going back. It has become very peaceful. No charities or scams calling. I am careful about who gets the number. Family, Navy pals and necessary services only.

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