Saturday, July 04, 2009

4 answers

This is a questionnaire that I saw on another blog some time in the past. Here goes:

4 jobs I had

Jet mechanic U S Navy
Fueling aircraft - local airport
Manager Information Systems Services US & Europe

4 Movies I love to watch

The Cowboys - John Wayne
All the Bourne movies
Rob Roy
Up Periscope

4 Places I've lived

Greenville, Rhode Island
NAS Cecil Field, Jacksonville, FL
North providence, Rhode Island
Panama City beach, FL

4 TV shows I enjoy

Saving Grace
Law and Order Criminal Intent

4 Places I've been

Climbed the leaning Tower of Pisa
French Riviera in August
The Badlands South Dakota
Custer's last Stand Battlefield

4 Websites I visit daily about the freighter traffic on the Great Lakes
The camera at the Soo Locks
My bank in Rhode Island
Amy's blog

4 Favorite foods

Pasta and meatballs
Rare steak
Baked sweet potato

4 Places I'd rather be

Cannes, France in August
Out at sea aboard an aircraft carrier on the flight deck
Whitefish Point on the UP

4 Places I'd like to visit

Columbia River Gorge
All the National Parks in Utah
I like to see the Redwood trees

4 People I would have liked to meet

Ben Franklin
Abraham Lincoln
General George Patton
Yogi Berra

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