Friday, July 24, 2009

Keene, New Hampshire

It was a beautiful morning and I asked Carol if she wanted to go out for lunch. She did and asked where. I told her it would be a nice ride and we would have lunch in a quaint village in New Hampshire named Keene. It is about a two hour drive from our home in Rhode Island. Once past Worchester, Massachusetts we traverse beautiful countryside.

Main Street in Keene is a wide tree lined road with wonderful interesting shops on each side of the street. There was a little park with a gazebo where we talked to two Keene State college students. Carol and I ambled along both sides stopping in several shops before we decided to have lunch in Lindy's Dinner. We sat at the counter. A local farmer sat next to me and he ordered a cup of New England clam chowder and a large bowl of grits. I asked him if he was from the South. "Nope, I'm an old Yankee living in the same house I was born in. I just like grits."

After lunch we walked back to the car and headed back. Along the way I saw a pull off and we decided to walk Tiny, our dog. I could hear the sound of water rushing over rocks. Tiny wanted no part of the woods so he eagerly went back into the car. Carol and I walked a little ways towards the sound and we found the brook.

Farther down the road we came upon a clearing and pulled into a cemetery to take pictures of Mount Monadnock. We stayed for a few minuted taking pictures of the Mountain and looking at the very manicured grounds of the cemetery.

We were route 140 in Massachusetts and I decided to take a side trip up to Wachusett Mountain ski area. There were a few couples walking dogs. We roamed around the grounds.

Above is the main building and two of the several ski trails available. This is a popular destination in the winter. Wachusett has snow making equipment to supplement Mother Nature offerings.

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