Saturday, August 27, 2011

Vicksburg Battle Memorial Park

While we were spending time with our friends in Mississippi, we went to tour the Vicksburg Memorial Battlefield Park. Following are some of the pictures that I took that day.

The inscription on this monument reads:

Here brothers fought for their principles Here heroes died for their country and a united people will forever cherish their legacy of noble manhood

Here I am beside a cannon with the Mississippi River in the background.

The following picture depicts the rolling terrain of the battlefield.

One of the monuments dedicated to soldiers from Illinois

Another Illinois monument

Along the road many markers depicted the location of troops and their movements. Blue for the Union, red for the Confederate Army.

Below is my good friend from our Navy days. He is pictured with his Great-great Uncle who died during the battle. He was quick to point out that he had relative who fought for the other side.

The following monument is dedicated to African Americans who fought for the Union during this battle.

The following monument is dedicated to the men from Rhode Island, my home state.

The USS Cairo - below

The inscription on the above monument reads:

To the Arkansas Confederate soldiers a part of a nation divided by the sword and reunited at the altar of faith.

We all enjoyed the visit and we were limited by constraints of time. We all agreed that we would like to return and perhaps hire a guide so that we would fully appreciate the history of this area.

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