Thursday, August 04, 2011

Home away from home

We had planned on wondering about Mississippi and bordering states while our house was being worked on, we ended up spending the entire time with good friends in Mississippi. Their hospitality was on the highest level and we all enjoyed the time. Hugh has done an amazing amount of work on both the grounds and the house. His carpenter skills are at the highest level.

Below is a picture of one of the two ponds on his property. In the evening we could hear the cacophony of the multitude of bull frogs, during the day turtles would be sunning themselves on the exposed logs. Early morning and at dusk, beavers could be seen swimming. They are a nuisance critter as they strip off the bark around the trees eventually killing them.

This is a view of the rear of the house from near the edge of the pond.

Early in the morning we would walk our dogs and we could hear the rooster across the pond greeting the new day. The across the pond neighbors dogs would alert the world that strangers were about. Occasionally we would hear the stallion, picture below, announcing his displeasure at being separated from the mares.

Hugh's wife, Samra managed to prepare many wonderful meals while we were there. We were well rested and well fed. It was a wonderful time with friends who welcomed us as if we were family. Carol and Sam have become fast friends. Hugh and Sam took to our dogs. In fact I told Sam we might have to sue her for alienation of affection. Pillo spend many hours in Sam's lap and she provided Gizmo with his first taste of bacon. No wonder that Gizmo stood by her side every time she was cooking.

We decided that the four of us and the three dogs would take a day trip to Vicksburg before we headed back to Florida. That blog will follow soon.

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