Monday, September 12, 2011

A/C Issues

We have a combination air conditioner / heat pump. The heat pump is used to heat the home in colder weather. I have had the process explained to me several times. As such, this unit works through out the year. We are also affected by the salt air which causes corrosion on the outside compressor. The life span seems to be 10 to 12 years. Our home was built in 2002. I am aware that several of the neighboring homes have already replaced their unit. It seems like every time we leave for a trip, we come home to A/C issues. The first time was a year ago and the compressor unit had failed due to short in the cable and we needed to check into a local hotel for a night while we waited for service. Recently we left while the house was being re-tiled. The A coil leaked and the drip pan was rusted. The contractor soldered the leaks. The system could quit at any time. I contacted several places for quotes. I was pleased to learn that if our unit failed an efficiency test that the local power company would contribute $600. towards a more efficient model. Yep, the unit failed the test and we qualify for the contribution. We must install a unit that is minimum 14 seer. This we will do. If we had waited until the unit failed completely it could not have been tested and we would not have qualified. I believe we will have the new unit installed before the end of the month. This unit will be considerable more efficient and we should notice a decrease in electricity usage. Time will tell.

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