Thursday, August 25, 2011


I was talking to my mom awhile ago when she asked me when I would be visiting Rhode Island again. I said next summer. She then told me that she would not see me again as she was tired of living. Mom will be 96 in November and she has outlived all her generation of relatives (save one) and friends. My dad died in 1998 and she misses him.

I decided that I would make a quick trip there to see her just in case. She is in good health but you never know. Carol stayed in Florida as her eyes are still a problem and she wanted to be near her doctor. I was not in RI for my 70Th birthday and decided to have all my kids, grand kids and favorite niece and her family together for a belated birthday celebration.

These are my comments about that trip. I left on a Monday morning and covered 802 miles. Too much driving for one day. I hate to lump all New York drivers together but the ones I encountered both ways like to park themselves in the left lane and refuse to move over. In some cases they were not even doing the speed limit. The second day I completed the trip. I only had about 650 miles, but the day was longer due to traffic and accidents through New Jersey, New York and Connecticut.

I spent quality time with my mom, took her out for lunch one day to EATS for our favored wienies, a variation on the hot dog, but much different. I visited the A T Cross Company store and purchased three pens. I am a retiree so I still get the employee discount. I took my sister in law and her husband out for breakfast and good conversation.

On the Saturday we had the cookout and my niece hosted the party. Her husband was the grill master, her daughter made my birthday cake. It was yellow with chocolate frosting that was so light and tasty. She is a very accomplished baker. My niece's home has a beautiful recently redone 16 X 40 in ground pool pictured below. My great niece, nephew and some of my grand kids are pictured enjoying the pool.

I was leaving the next day. Once again mom said I would not see her again. I told her she was a great mom, a good friend and if it was so, I would miss her and think of her every day. I also reminded her that it was up to God, and I was planning on seeing her next summer.

I did not want to do the drive in two days home. I stopped in Virginia and then in Pembroke, Georgia and stayed with a Navy buddy . I am fortunate to have made such great and lasting friends so long ago.

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