Thursday, July 28, 2011


Monday July 25Th was my 70Th birthday. It is a milestone of sorts. The strange thing is I don't feel 70. Actually, I am sort of surprised that I am 70. Where have the years gone? I sometime think its not possible and I am still that scrawny kid running up to the bow on the aircraft carrier to wait for my plane to land. Reality sets in when I reflect on the important accomplishments in my life. A great married life, three great children, nine grandchildren and now my wife Carol. I know that I have been blessed. I was blessed to have made wonderful dear friends back in the Navy days that I am still close too.

I was greeted at breakfast with a birthday card, and after Hugh said grace, Hugh, Samra and Carol sang happy birthday to me. I received calls and or email from my kids, niece and step daughter. Hugh and Sam took us out to lunch and we then spent a quiet day at Hugh and Sam's home. It was a great 70Th birthday.

As a footnote, I had parked my truck near an ant hill and there must have been some dog food crumbs on the rug. When I tried to brush them out of the truck with my hand on Monday morning, I found out they were fire ants. Nasty little things. I stopped at Ace hardware for spray. I am happy to report that the truck is now ant free and Hugh tells me that the welts from the bites will soon go away.

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