Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Gypsie Tour Day 1

We met the contractor at nine AM yesterday. We gave him a key and told him he had two weeks. He said that he would call if we could come home sooner.
Two weeks ago Carol saw her retina specialist and her left eye was 20 / 20 and she could discontinue the drops. This past Saturday she awoke with intense pain in her left eye. Sunday the pain was gone and eye sight was rapidly deteriorating. She called her doctor and he was on vacation, Carol explained that we were heading out of town and could she start the drops. She was referred to the doctors partner in Tallahassee. Carol was told that she should see someone before doing anything. When we arrived at my pals house we explained the situation and he called his eye doctor who referred us to a retina specialist in Hattiesburg. They agreed to see Carol. We arrived and they fit her in. Yes, we waited awhile, but it was worth it. They gave Carol a complete workup. Her eye sight in the left eye was now 20 / 80. When the doctor came in he spent a good deal of time explaining everything. He directed Carol to start the drops and we should see her doctor in Panama City as soon as possible after we get back. He did explain that over time this situation will clear up. Hugh and Samra were great and drove us back to their home and we had a late supper and good conversation. Day 1 was a success. We had an uneventful drive saw a great kind and knowledgeable doctor and began our visit with great friends. While we are here, neither of us have cell phone service.

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