Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hot Coffee, Mississippi

Friday, Hugh was feeing much better and he asked if we would like to go to Hot Coffee, Mississippi. I checked Microsoft's Streets and Trips and found no listing. Well, off we went. It was a bit of a drive until we spotted the roadside sign for the turnoff. As soon as we turned we saw the first sign for the general store, the only store in Hot Coffee.

Immediately we came upon the combination general store and gas station. We had arrived at McDonald's store.

Following is a picture of the store.

We all went in to browse. It was a wonderful collection of postcards, preserves made by the owners Aunt. There was assorted food items, ice cream, work clothes and souvenirs. A section was devoted to hunting and fishing supplies. I purchased a jar of that the owners aunt had preserved "mayhaw jelly" and also a jar of peach jam. I bought the most expensive post cards that I have ever purchased for the respective children's families and of course my favorite niece. I could not resist a baseball cap that has Hot Coffee, Mississippi printed on it. Carol added a kitchen towel and a magnet with the same inscription.

When we left the store it was almost time for lunch. Hugh and Samra said we would go to Mama Alma's Mexican restaurant for lunch. Keeping with the days tour of country towns, we arrived in Petal, Mississippi for lunch. Let me say that I rarely go to Mexican restaurants. The reason is I don't know what is in the selections. I won't eat rice or re fried beans. Everyone pointed me to a steak burrito, which turned out to be a good choice. Mama's daughter was our waitress and Mama came over to see us and sat with us for a few minutes. She is quite an upbeat personality and may be as much a reason to visit as the excellent food.

We then returned to hosts home for naps. Supper was definitely going to be light.

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