Saturday, January 22, 2011

A memorable week

We had a very nice and interesting week that just ended. It began last Saturday when my good pal from my Navy days arrived with his wife and grand daughter. They were spending the long weekend with us. The weather was sunny but not the warmth we had hoped for. Temperatures have been running about 10 degrees below normal. After lunch we went and walked out the Bay County pier. It is 1500 feel long and is a pleasant walk and the sea was a beautiful blue. We also went to St. Andrews State Park that afternoon. I had prepared a large pot of sauce, meatballs and Italian sweet sausage on Friday for our Saturday evening meal. Carol prepared wheat pasta. Carol and I started with the wheat pasta as a healthy choice and like it. Sunday the ladies went to Pier Park shopping after lunch. I took Hugh for a tour of historic old St. Andrews, the marina and other points of interest. Monday morning was spent relaxing over breakfast with my commitment that we would go to their home in Mississippi sometime in February.

Tuesday we waken to heavy fog and decided that we would see True Grit. It was an excellent movie. The young lady that portrayed Maddy stole the movie. Jeff Bridges was great (but no John Wayne) Matt Damon is a better Bourne than a Texas Ranger.
The sailing ship Peacemaker is spending the better part of January here in the Panama City Marina. They offer free tours from 10 AM until 4 PM each day. Donations are accepted but not mandatory. It is crewed by members of Twelve Tribes. Carol and I decided to tour the ship on Wednesday afternoon. I finally picked a dentist here and went for a cleaning in the morning.
The woodwork aboard the ship is just magnificent. I was really impressed with the condition of this vessel. Carol is standing in front of the bridge where all the modern equipment is located for guiding the ship while underway.

This is not a good picture of us but it does have the bow in the background and shows some of the rigging. Followed by a picture of one of the crow's nest.

Members of the crew produce pottery as a means of making some money to defray expenses. The pieces were very beautiful and were signed. I bought Carol a tee shirt and also bought the last four postcards. I had on my URI baseball cap and a young lady told me she was born in Providence. She asked if she could pet Pillo and I said she could hold him. She told me she was fourteen and I asked if she ever went aloft. Absolutely and my two sisters also go up to help furl the sails. I was quite impressed with her.

Another picture of the top of two of the masts.

I have been wanting to have dual exhausts installed on my F 150. Thursday morning I went to Mad Hatter on 23rd street and had a magnaflow one into two muffler installed. While I was doing this Carol went to see her primary care physician. She had a good check up and below is a picture of the exhaust pipes. I love the look and I am getting use to the sound. It is a little loud especially in low gear. On the highway the sound is barely noticeable.

Earlier in the week I made an appointment with Dr. Hasty. He was highly recommended by my barber. I have been having increasingly more difficulty seeing with my right eye. I really like the doctor. The scale for cataracts is from zero to four. My right eye is between 3 1/2 and 4. My left eye is close to 3. I have agreed to have the surgery and I will also have lens implant. The right eye will be done first and the left eye 3 or 4 weeks later. I will not have to wear glasses except maybe for reading. I have been wearing glasses for a long time. I am looking forward to this process being completed. I will periodically comment on the progress.

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