Saturday, January 08, 2011

Clink - Clink - Clink

Not too long ago, I was reading the local paper while Carol was showering and getting ready for a shopping trip with her good friend, Victoria. I heard her exclaim in a panicky voice, Oh S@*%t! Oh honey something horrible has happened. I jumped up thinking something happened to Pillo our newest Chihuahua who likes to lay on Carol's robe while she showers. I rushed in and immediately saw Pillo also looking upset. What is the matter? It was a most horrible sound as she began to cry. What sound? "Clink-clink-clink' she said. I was cleaning my diamond earring and that is the sound it made going down the drain in the sink. I hugged her and asked her not to cry as I do not like to see women crying. It will be OK, I said trying not to laugh. Stay calm, I will get it back or else we will have the jewelry store make another with a matching quality diamond. "I only want that one she sobbed, they are special you bought them for me when we started to get serious." I told her to finish getting ready and go shopping and do not run the water. I looked under the sink and realized I did not have the proper tools. I had met a local plumber when he worked on my neighbor's water line. I called him and a few hours later he came. Within five minutes he had the diamond. When I asked how much, he said no need we do this all the time. I thanked him and I then called Carol and told her I had the earring.


Jill said...

Nice save, Dad.
Hey, on another note, thanks for teaching me to drive in the snow. Me & Jo had a super-exciting 20 seconds on a downhill S-curve with a stop sign at the bottom, on the way to work this morning but I knew just what to do. Didn't even interrupt his nintendo game.

topsy_turvy said...

aww...this is a really charming story!