Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Somehow I ended up on the Harris poll email list. Periodically I get a request to complete a survey. Earlier in the year, I received one concerning authors and the type of books I read. Mostly I read mysteries and novels that I view as cleverly written. I was also asked how I read. My answer to that was strictly hard covers and usually purchased new. I like the feel of a hard cover and rarely even look at a paperback. Perish the thought that someday I will only be able to read on an electronic tablet.

I was asked to list my top five favorite authors.

1) Stephen J. Cannell
2) David Baldacci
3) Janet Evonovich
4) Sara Paretsky
5) Robert P. Parker

Mr. Cannell and Mr. Parker both passed away this year. I will miss their writings. Parker had worn out the Spencer series, but I was enjoying the Jesse Stone series.

Last Saturday Carol and I went to DeFuniak Springs to visit a very wonderful and unusual "used book store". I was looking for hard cover books by Cannell. The only ones they had, I already owned. I did find a semi hard cover book with two of his books and I did buy that. My other selection was a hard cover History of Civilization. When I was in high school the most passionate teacher I had taught ancient history. I remember more of that class than most others.

I tend to donate the books to the local library when I am finished. I do keep books by Cannell, Baldacci, and Evonovich. Not sure why, I just do. I know I will miss Mr. Cannell. His books never disappointed me.

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Jill said...

I bet it was the hard time you gave that poor census worker. I bet that got you on a lot of lists.