Monday, December 27, 2010

2010 - A great year in review

2010 was very good to us. We quietly welcomed the New Year (kind of). We watched the ball drop in New York City and that was fine with us. We are in the central time zone so we slept through our New Year.

February, we celebrated our first wedding anniversary. The Rhode Island home went on the market. I believe the realtor was overly optimistic and the house was probably priced too high for the times. It did not sell and we spent the summer there.

In April we hit the road. Neither of us had seen the Grand Canyon and it was high on my bucket list. Along the way we saw the White Sands of New Mexico, Sedona, Tonto National Forest, Oak Creek Canyon and Hoover Dam. We also stopped in El Paso for a long awaited visit with Carol's son, Bill.

Summer was spent in RI and my son and I went to Gettysburg to tour the battlefield. He arranged for a tour guide to spend 4 hours with us. It was fantastic. I enjoyed it so much that I took Carol there on one of our trips North. We had made a quick trip south to take furniture to the Florida home and went North via Shenandoah National Forest.

We both traded vehicles. I had been wanting a truck for several years and I finally got a 2010 F150 extended cab. Carol's 11 year old Chevy convertible was showing signs of age (repair$$$) and she stepped up to a 2007 Pontiac G6 hardtop convertible with under 17k miles. Very sporty and more powerful than the Chevy 4 cylinder.

We returned to Florida in September for the winter season. We did do a long weekend in Gulf Shores, AL with some of my Navy pals from long ago. We had a good time visiting. I may be prejudice but Panama City Beach is far more beautiful than Gulf Shores. In October, Carol found a chihuahua puppy and Pillo has become part of the family. Never did I think we would have three dogs. They will travel with us.

Christmas was great and we are looking forward to 2011 with anticipation. The RI home will soon be on the market again and Carol and I are working on the new bucket list for our major trip in 2011 as we continue to explore the United States and Canada.

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