Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A walk in the park

Carol and I live close to St. Andrews State Park. I buy a yearly pass good for all the Florida state parks. St. Andrews is the one most visited. Sometimes five times a week. The park never fails to please us and in some way add to our already pleasurable days. Recently we decided to visit the park and wander around our favorite spots. That day we visited one of the several areas where swimming in the Gulf is permitted. The picture below was taken as we approached the beach. Ample boardwalks are provided to access the beach as much of the dunes are off limits to protect the fragile grass and sand dunes.

Next we went over to the Alligator Pond. It seems weird that a fresh water pond would be so close to the salt water. Several alligators are purported to live in this pond. I have only ever seen two at a time. There is a path that will take you along the waters edge. Some days an alligator might be spotted swimming or sunning along the shore. It is just a matter of luck.

Even though is was quite warm that afternoon and there is soft sand part of the way, we decided to walk along the path that borders the edge of the pond. We came upon the area where there is a small bench for sitting and viewing and we were rewarded with an excellent view of a decent sized alligator. I was willing to walk within four feet of it and took several pictures. This was the last taken. It almost looked like he was smiling as I approached. If left alone, they will ignore humans here.

Our final stop was the small fishing pier near the boat ramp. There is a much longer pier on the Gulf side. Carol and I have seen dolphins here, but never when we had a camera. We were rewarded.

We believe he / she was putting on a show for everyone there.

I must have taken 20 pictures.

Over the years we have been blessed with many varieties of birds, deer, owls, sting rays, turtles and alligators. All with in a beautiful park available for all to enjoy. There are hiking trails, beautiful white sand beaches and even an old Turpentine Mill. Marvelous!

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Meg Markey said...

This is really beautiful! It's awful that our national parks aren't getting much funding these days.. look at how beautiful nature is. I hope it doesn't all disappear someday.