Monday, October 18, 2010


Carol has been talking about getting a Chihuahua puppy for sometime. Recently she did some research on the Internet and last Monday we went to visit two breeders who had puppies ready to be sold. We set off in the truck as the directions to the first location included dirt roads. We eventually drove over 228 miles on the Panhandle including several miles on dirt roads that did not deserve to be called roads. The first puppies we saw were cute, but the parents were stocky and Carol was looking for a svelte puppy that would grow to less than five pounds. So off we went on the next quest to find the "puppy". Lets just say, I did not think there were such rural spots at the end of several miles of unpaved wash board roads. Carol was rewarded. As soon as she held this puppy, I knew our search was over. He was the perfect color, the parents were both only 4.5 pounds. Carol made the financial arrangements and we were off. As we drove we started with the alphabet trying out names. We eventually narrowed it down to Chico, Jake, Pepe and Slade. Pepe stuck.
He looks so sweet. Right! No one slept the first few nights. Now his crate is next to Carol's side of the bed during the night. He has become a little terror. He loves to jump on Tiny our 17 year old Chihuahua as he sleeps in his bed. He ducked under Gizmo our Yorkie and bit him on the stomach. I believe Pepe was looking for his mom's equipment. Last night Tiny was wagging his tail and I saw Pepe moving his head following the tail. Yep, he struck and bit Tiny's tail as it wagged.

He likes to drag stuff around the house. This morning I watched Carol's sandal move across the living room. Later I watched the power cord to my laptop move from under my desk. The two older dogs have started sleeping on chairs so they can have some peace.

I told Carol we missed the boat on naming him. We should have called him "Attila". He has become Carol's puppy. He follows her around and comes when she calls his name. He is adorable and I think he knows it. Carol is pleased and so am I.

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