Saturday, October 23, 2010

Coral Cactus "Cristata"

Carol and I were walking through the garden shop at Home depot. We had ordered a front storm door with hidden screen and a sliding door with screen for the back of the house. I would like to take advantage of the cool breezes. With three dogs we can't leave the doors open. We went into the garden shop as I wanted a shovel. We have begun planting some mums and petunias. On the way to the register, Carol spotted a table full of many types of cacti. She picked out a Coral Cactus. We have never seen one. The pictures below are of both sides. It will live on the kitchen window sill.

Carol asked me to remove the blinds from the window. This was quickly accomplished and after washing the window inside and out, the Cactus has a bright window to reside in. I think it is neat.

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