Thursday, September 02, 2010

Waiting On Earl

Just about every one knows that Earl is moving up the East coast. The local news stations are doing their best to dramatize the situation. The consensus is that the Rhode Island coast will receive a glancing blow and have heavy surf and wind with beach erosion. Inland we are expecting tropical force winds and heavy rain Friday night to early Saturday morning. Rhode Island is expected to miss the brunt of the storm. Yet some weather persons on the local news keep harping on the fact that if the eye moves 20 or 30 miles eastward that we would be in for it. So stay tuned for the latest forecast. Their dire prediction is designed to scare people (in my opinion) into continuing to watch their station.

Today, I was going to stop at a local independent meat market for a few items from their deli for lunch. The parking lot was packed. I don't do well with lines, so I kept driving and we went out for lunch. Let me give a little history lesson on why (again my opinion) that Rhode Islanders have this panic mind set and must stock the larder as any storm approaches. In February of 1978, a Nor'easter storm stalled over this area. Some spots received over 50 inches of snow in a relatively short time. It caught everyone flatfooted. By the time companies and schools shut down, it was already too late. Snow removal crews were also slow to be activated. Route 95 in Providence became a parking lot. Cars were abandoned on the highway. Some folks did not get home for days. Some school children were stranded at churches and fire stations for several days. The state literally shut down for a week. The Georgia National Guard was flown up to help with first removing the cars from the highway and then opening up the roads. Side streets needed front end loaders to clear the snow. Ordinary snow plows could not move it. People had to go to the Providence Civic Center, wait in line to find out where their car was towed too.

So, that may be why the markets are packed. We had a nice lunch at a local favorite spot. This afternoon, I raised the awnings, took down a bird house and placed the trash barrels inside the storage area. I am now storm prepared. I hope the storm tract stays off the coast as most predict. I plan on getting my storm updates on the Internet.

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