Monday, September 06, 2010

Ralph D'Atri - Shipmate and dear friend

I was in the Navy back in the early 60's. I made the dearest friends back then. Some of us managed to hook up and stay in touch over the years. A small group of us try to get together once a year. Sometimes we, as individuals, will stop and visit in one anothers homes. We worked on the flight deck of an U S Navy Aircraft Carrier. It was both a dangerous place but one that was exciting. We bonded as pals doing a difficult job.

Ralph was a shipmate and friend. We worked together and pulled liberty in various ports in the Mediterranean. Ralph was an easy guy to like. He was fun loving and game for any escapade that was dreamed up. Ralph lost his battle with cancer on September 3, 2010. He was 68 years old. Too young to go. He will never be forgotten as long as one of us is alive from that night line crew. Rest in peace, Ralph. Your suffering is finished.


Michelle D'Atri said...

Hi my name is Michelle D'Atri and I'm Ralph D'Atri's daugher. I just came across this post you made online and just wanted to tell you how nice it was of you to post such nice things.

Anonymous said...

Hi, just wondering if this is BJ or Eddie, this is Barbara - He was the best and I can imagine the escapes he was up for. We were together for over 25 years and I miss him terribly.